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UPDATE 5/5/20

To our members and our community:

In compliance with our Governor’s executive order we will be temporarily closed until Phase 3 of the Governor’s order for COVID-19. Health clubs and gyms are listed in phase 3 because of the amount of time people spend in proximity to each other when using a gym. While we have fewer people concentrated in one area than other businesses, people tend to stay in and around each other for longer periods of time when using a gym.

We hope you are enjoying the workout videos posted for use on our site. Many of our instructors and trainer are available for Zoom video workouts. Please contact them via email on our trainer page. http://www.seattlefitness.com/personal-trainers/

Month-to-month and Corporate members:

We have suspended future bank drafts and corporate invoices until we know exactly when we can reopen. Once we reopen, we will post out our plan on our website.

Three-month pre-paid members:

We are holding those full months of prepaid dues to credit you in the future, rolling your memberships forward. Please contact me if you wish those dues refunded and wish to terminate your membership. tija@seattlefitness.com

If your membership expired on 3/31/20, we did not mail out a renewal. We will wait until we know our reopening date. 

We are still committed to paying our employees their regular wages through this time. We also must continue to pay rent and other expenses during the closure. Many of you have asked if we can pull/draft your dues so that you can contribute to us as a small business. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. Unfortunately, the State Attorney General prohibits health clubs from collecting dues when a facility is not open. So, like the rest of you, we hang on and see how this all shakes out.

Many of you have also inquired about renting our fitness equipment for home use. While I would love to have some income and to have you using fitness equipment, our insurance company does not allow rentals for liability reasons.

Lastly, our phones are unmanned during the closure but my voicemail will direct you to our website.

If you have questions or concerns, PLEASE email me. Overall, stay safe and stay healthy until we see you again.

Tija Petrovich

Owner, Seattle Fitness



83 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104